Mike Zimmer rips Bobby Petrino

A lot of Atlanta fans, understandably, have forgotten all about the short tenure of coach Bobby Petrino.

But one guy who hasn’t forgotten is Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, who was on Petrino’s staff in Atlanta in 2007. Speaking to the Cincinnati media Wednesday, Zimmer ripped Petrino, who left the Falcons to coach at the University of Arkansas.

“When a coach quits in the middle of the year and ruins a bunch of people’s families and doesn’t have enough guts to finish out the year, I’m not a part of it,” Zimmer said. “And you can put that in the Arkansas News Gazette. I don’t really give a (bleep). He’s a coward, he ruined a bunch of people’s lives, a bunch of families, kids, because he didn’t have enough (guts) to stay there and finish the job. And that’s the truth. Most people in football have enough courage about him and enough fight to stick it out and not quit halfway through the year. It’s cowardly.”

Pretty strong stuff and I’m sure it will appear in newspapers in Arkansas and plenty of other places. Zimmer returns to Atlanta on Sunday as the Bengals face the Falcons.