Randy Moss in the NFC South?

The Minnesota Vikings pulled a shocker Monday, deciding to waive wide receiver Randy Moss. I haven’t had a chance to even open the NFC South mailbag after arriving home from New Orleans, but I’m sure there are plenty of questions about the possibility of Moss ending up in this division.

Let’s make it clear: Moss must go through the waiver process, which means teams with the worst records will have the first shot to claim him and the pro-rated portion of his $6 million contract for the season. If Moss clears waivers, then he becomes a free agent and is eligible to sign with any team.

I think it’s an extreme long shot that he’ll end up in the division. Let’s take a quick look at each team’s situation and see if Moss could be a fit.

Carolina Panthers. They might get a shot to claim Moss off waivers, but there’s no way the Panthers would touch his contract. They’re not spending money and they’re firmly committed to their youth movement. Besides, who possibly would think it would be a good idea to put Moss in the same locker room with Steve Smith?

Atlanta Falcons. It might be a little tempting to think about the possibility of giving Matt Ryan one more toy that could truly put the Falcons over the top. But the Falcons already have a great No. 1 receiver in Roddy White and a nice role player in Michael Jenkins. Coach Mike Smith and general manager Thomas Dimitroff are big on team chemistry and they aren’t going to bring in a guy who has the potential to blow up everything around him.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Much like the Panthers, the Bucs aren’t spending money and they’re in a youth movement. In fact, they’re already seeing the benefits of that youth movement with their young wide receivers emerging. Antonio Bryant tried to destroy Josh Freeman last year ,and the Bucs aren’t going to bring in another guy that could cause headaches for their franchise quarterback.

New Orleans Saints. Let me emphasize that this is a long shot, but New Orleans is the one NFC South team I could possibly see having an interest in Moss. The Saints have shown a willingness to let guys revive their careers in New Orleans (see Jeremy Shockey and Jonathan Vilma) in the past. Drew Brees owns that locker room and is powerful enough that he wouldn’t be pushed around by Moss. But the Saints already have a bunch of talented wide receivers.