Payton shoots down Brees rumor

There was a radio report out of New Orleans that’s been generating all sorts of innuendo today. The report said that quarterback Drew Brees has been playing with a “fractured’’ knee and torn meniscus and that he will require micro-fracture surgery following the season.

Well, let’s go straight to the top of the Saints’ ladder on this one. Coach Sean Payton just finished addressing the New Orleans media and he was asked to address the report.

“It’s inaccurate,’’ Payton said. “It’s not right. Completely false.”

Payton then was asked if Brees’ knee had any impact on how he’s been playing. He didn’t directly answer that question, but he revealed a few other details that would seem to discredit the report.

“This week he’s without the brace, sleeve, anything,’’ Payton said. “He’s off the [injury] list.”