Final Word: NFC South

Three nuggets of knowledge about Week 10 (we’re keeping it short because there’s only one NFC South game Sunday):

Homecoming game. With the Carolina Panthers coming to town, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers shouldn’t have to rely on any fourth-quarter heroics from quarterback Josh Freeman. The Bucs should have this game under control before that. Carolina has been bad and is getting worse. After a tough loss in Atlanta last week, the Bucs must capitalize on a soft spot in their schedule if they really are going to be a playoff contender.

Fantasy advice. Speaking of the Bucs getting ahead early, this would be a good week to have LeGarrette Blount on your fantasy football team. Tampa Bay should be looking to run the clock if it gets ahead. Heck, given how bad Carolina’s run defense has been and that the Panthers have had to shake up their linebackers, the Bucs could be looking to run right from the start. Blount’s going to get most of the carries.

Armanti time? Carolina fans are screaming for the Panthers to take a look at rookie Armanti Edwards at quarterback. Although Edwards was drafted as a receiver, the screams got louder this week when coach John Fox said Edwards would be the third quarterback behind fellow rookies Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike. But I’m not buying into the idea that Fox is going to suddenly make a drastic change to his entire offense, no matter how bad things have been. If anything, the Panthers might use some sort of Wildcat package with Edwards at quarterback for a few plays. Like it matters, huh?