Saints still bringing blitz from DBs

Even though the Saints have endured a bunch of injuries among their defensive backs, it hasn’t stopped coordinator Gregg Williams from being aggressive with his secondary.

According to ESPN’s Stats & Information, the Saints have blitzed a defensive back on 59 plays in which opponents have attempted a pass. Opponents have completed only 25 of those passes (42.4 percent) and have a combined 46.6 passer rating. The only defense in the league with a better opposing passer rating when blitzing defensive backs is Philadelphia (44.4).

When blitzing defensive backs, the Saints have not allowed a touchdown while producing two interceptions and seven sacks.

For comparison, let’s look at the rest of the NFC South defenses when blitzing defensive backs. The Falcons rank No. 9 in the league with a 67.9 opposing passer rating, but they’ve allowed three touchdowns in those situations. They’ve also produced four interceptions and three sacks.

The Buccaneers rank No. 17 with an 83.5 passer rating on 42 plays where they’ve rushed a defensive back. They’ve given up two touchdowns while producing two interceptions and one sack.

The Panthers are No. 19 with an 87.5 opposing passer rating on 45 such plays. They’ve allowed two touchdown passes and have produced one interception and seven sacks.