Around the NFC South

ATLANTA -- Let's check in with the local columnists to see what they're saying about each of the NFC South teams.

Joe Henderson writes about how the Bucs still lack a signature win. Coach Raheem Morris said he doesn't believe in litmus tests. But who's he kidding? Baltimore in Baltimore was a classic litmus test. The Bucs held up pretty well, but couldn't win. They've got another litmus test when they host Atlanta this week. Until they win one of those type of games, they're not a serious playoff contender.

Jeff Duncan writes about the New Orleans offense and how it has come to life recently. He's right, and the timing of this couldn't be much better as the playoffs approach. You knew Drew Brees couldn't stay "off" for an entire season.

Scott Fowler writes about Cleveland's Jake Delhomme and his rocky day against the Panthers. Delhomme got the win, even though he looked a lot like he did in his final year or two with the Panthers. Consider that a sign that he's playing on a team that's better than the Panthers.

Jeff Schultz writes that the Falcons are playing well enough to win the Super Bowl and lists some reasons why. I agree, and the reason he gives that I agree with most is that the Falcons don't beat themselves. They haven't had a turnover in four games and they are extremely well coached. I don't think there are many teams out there that play as smart as the Falcons.