New Orleans Saints mailbag

The New Orleans Saints are next in our series of team-by-team mailbags.

Razza in South Florida writes: No mention of Chris Ivory in the Rookie Watch? What's up with that? I agree with Sam Bradford and Ndamukong Suh being at the top of the list. High expectations were met. But to be mentioning LeGarrette Blount and no Ivory is a puzzling omission to say the least.

Pat Yasinskas: No argument here. In fact, I’ll put a bug in Matt Williamson’s ear, especially if Ivory has another big game Sunday. Also, I’ll give you a little alert here about a column I’m writing for Friday. Can’t give you all the details yet, but a big part of it is how Ivory’s emergence has helped the entire offense.

Jordan in New Orleans writes: Thanks again for all the effort and time you put into keeping us informed about the happenings of the South. I wanted to ask what was going on with Patrick Robinson. I mean, he wasn't doing anything amazing, but I haven't heard much about him lately.

Pat Yasinskas: The return of starting cornerbacks Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter pushed Robinson into a backup role. He got some time as a starter when they were out and, overall, he did pretty well. He didn’t put up any amazing stats or anything, but he was a reason the Saints were able to keep winning without two key starters. The coaches like Robinson and he has a future with this team.

Steve in Redlands, Calif., writes: Can you put some heat on these Power Rankings voters? Putting the Steelers above the Saints for a second week in a row is criminal. I don't care if Pittsburgh beat the Ravens. New Orleans' offense has way more firepower than Pittsburgh's, and we're still winning games (even if they are close). And has everyone forgotten the Halloween smack down the Saints put on Pitt? Time to turn up the heat and get a little more love for the NFC South.

Pat Yasinskas: Hey, you know I bleed NFC South. I’ll see what I can do. I’ve got a pretty good-size advantage on John Clayton, Paul Kuharsky and James Walker, so maybe I’ll twist some arms and try the intimidation angle. No, seriously, they’re all good guys and free to vote however they want. But maybe they’ll see this and re-think their votes.