Who was worse? Saints or Falcons?

With all the NFC South teams done playing games, let’s make one up for ourselves.

It’s real easy. Which playoff loss was worse, Atlanta’s loss to Green Bay on Saturday or New Orleans’ loss to Seattle the week before?

I’ll lay out a brief case for each and then I’ll cast my vote. After that, I want you to cast your votes and debate it out in the comments section below.

New Orleans’ 41-36 loss to Seattle: At least this game was close and you can always say that a road trip to Seattle and dealing with the “12th man’’ make things more difficult than they should be. But the sad part here is the defending world champions suddenly turned into the defenseless world champions. They gave up 41 points to a team that was 7-9 in the regular season.

Atlanta’s 48-21 loss to Green Bay: The Falcons were defenseless, too. So much for all the talk about how the arrivals of rookie linebacker Sean Weatherspoon and free-agent cornerback Dunta Robinson had made this defense solid. The Falcons were the No. 1 seed in the NFC and they got torn up at home by the No. 6 seed.

My vote: Both losses were extremely embarrassing. But I’m giving my vote for worst loss to the Saints in a close call. This really could go either way. But I’m going with New Orleans because at least the Falcons lost to a good team.

Go ahead and fire away in the comments section.