Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

We talked NFL draft, free agency and a whole bunch of other things in Friday’s NFC South chat. Here are some of the highlights.

Scooter (Gaffney SC) Hey Pat, what are the chances, Carolina trades their first overall pick to accumulate more picks in this year’s upcoming draft?

Pat Yasinskas: It's really easy to talk about trading down. But the fact is, that's hard to do. Who's going to want to trade up? Who wants to take on the contract that a No. 1 overall pick will command if there isn't a rookie pay scale in place? It's a nice thought, but I think it's a long shot.

redzonejones (New York) What defensive end do you think the Bucs should select?

Pat Yasinskas: From what I've seen, read and heard so far, I'd say Adrian Clayborn. But a lot depends on what the teams ahead of the Bucs do.

Joe (Decatur, GA) Do you think the Panthers would have considered Jeff Fisher if he were available before Rivera got hired?

Pat Yasinskas: No, I think they wanted to go with a first-time head coach. Fisher's an excellent coach. But I think they wanted someone fresh to carry out the building process.

Mike (Slidell LA) Pat as always we appreciate your blog, you tell it like it is. Do you see the Saints making Brees a top paid QB in this league?

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, that's the only thing to do there. It's the right thing and the obvious thing.

Robert (Arlington Tx) Hey Pat...do u see Caddy staying Tampa next year? Or is he now considered a clunker?

Pat Yasinskas: Hate to say it because I respect Caddy as much as any player in the league, but I think he is near end of the road.

You can see the entire transcript of the NFC South chat here.