What does future hold for McCown?

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

So what does the future hold for Luke McCown now that Byron Leftwich is going to be the opening-day quarterback for the Bucs?

Well, don't get too caught up in all those trade rumors. Sure, the Bucs gladly would listen to any offer for McCown. But let's be realistic, what could they really get in return for a guy who didn't exactly put out a highlight reel of film as he finished second in this race?

Not much. Maybe a seventh-round pick. A sixth-round choice at absolute best. Maybe nothing at all because there probably will be better backup quarterbacks available elsewhere.

I still think McCown will stay with the Bucs. Think about it. They don't want Josh Freeman playing anytime soon. If they trade McCown, Freeman would be the backup and only a Leftwich injury away from playing.

My guess is, unless some other team is totally desperate and wants to give up something for McCown, he'll open the season on Tampa Bay's roster as the No. 2 quarterback.