Report: Panthers could be without Beason

The Carolina Panthers lost a game in Arizona on Sunday. They also appear to have lost perhaps their best defensive player.

The Panthers are fearful that linebacker Jon Beason has torn his Achilles tendon. Beason’s season would likely be over if that is the case. Carolina has a solid backup middle linebacker in Dan Connor, who started part of last season when Beason was playing outside linebacker. But, if Connor moves into the starting lineup with Thomas Davis and James Anderson, the Panthers have very little depth at linebacker.

Beason had been having issues with his ankle during the preseason and recently had a procedure performed that left him questionable heading into the game. I understand Beason is a competitor who wants to play.

But I think the Panthers might have been wise to order him to sit out a game. It would have made the season a lot easier if Beason missed only one game and note the rest of the year.