Titans spout off on Saints

The Tennessee Titans are blowing the whistle on the New Orleans Saints.

Tennessee offensive linemen Jake Scott and Michael Roos said a whistle was being blown in the area of the Saints’ bench late in New Orleans' 22-17 victory against the Titans.

"Everybody on our side heard something, we're not sure where it came from exactly,’’ Roos said. “But it sounded like from over there, and until we know more I can't really say anything else. It's not something that should be done but until we can have somebody look at it, we'll have to wait and see."

Scott said the team’s television show “Titans All Access’’ caught the sound of a whistle on tape. A Saints spokesman said the team would have no immediate comment.

That wasn’t the only controversy out of the Tennessee locker room. Titans receiver Nate Washington spouted off about a play in which New Orleans safety Roman Harper was called for a facemask when tackling Damian Williams.

"Honestly, (Harper is) a dirty player," Washington said. "We watched film on him, he's dirty. And I don't appreciate it, I'm going to step out in public and say it: He's dirty.

"That was dirty what he did, it's unfortunate that he grabbed the facemask -- at the same time you don't walk over a guy and nudge him with your knee. You don't do that. That's dirty. And honestly, that's a dirty player, flat out. This is not just one game. He's been doing it all season. And I'm tired of it. I hope the league did something about it."