Sean Payton points to 'Whistle Monster'

We told you Sunday that some members of the Tennessee Titans claimed a whistle was being blown on the New Orleans Saints’ sideline in Sunday’s game between the two teams.

The Titans were very serious when making the allegations. New Orleans coach Sean Payton wasn’t at all serious as he addressed the matter with the New Orleans media.

Payton jokingly said he had three theories. One was the whistle was coming from a nearby high school game, which seems unlikely on a Sunday. He also mentioned famous country music artist Johnny Cash before pulling out a picture of a Saints fan and jokingly pointing the blame at the fan.

“But I really think Whistle Monster who’s really famous in these parts,” said Payton, holding up a picture of the fan. “He’s a famous Who Dat Saints fan. So high school football games, Johnny Cash, and Whistle Monster – and I’m going to go with Whistle Monster. He was there helping us out anyway he could, and he got a little press here so I think that’s my answer.”