Do Buccaneers have to make move?

TAMPA, Fla. -- I wish there was some way we could wake up and Raheem Morris, all of the sudden, would be a good coach.

Morris truly is a nice guy and might have had a bright future as a head coach one day. But Morris is well into the third year of a head-coaching job and there have been no signs of progress. In fact, all signs say the Bucs have regressed. With the Bucs on path for a top-five pick and a 10-game losing streak to end Tampa Bay's Super Bowl dreams, you could make the case that Tampa Bay might have been premature in anointing Morris as the next great coach.

Let’s face it: This season has become what it has become. The Bucs might have a spot in the top five of April's NFL draft, and it seems very unlikely that Tampa Bay has any chance of keeping its head coach into the 2012 season, unless the Bucs really want to alienate a slumping fan base any further.

If anyone has any bright ideas on that one, go ahead and throw them out, please. Morris is as media friendly of a coach as there ever has been and might have had a chance if he had been more mature before getting his first head-coaching job, but I can’t see any way the Glazer family, which owns the team, can keep him around for 2012.

I can’t see how keeping Morris would generate any excitement for ticket sales. Maybe I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the Glazers want to do something creative and try to move their season-ticket base above 35,000? The Bucs have lost eight games in a row and have showed nothing positive in that stretch.

If there had been anything positive at all, I think ownership gladly would look for reasons to keep Morris. But, at this rate, I can see no valid reason he would keep his job into 2012.