Required reading on Cam Newton

I highly recommend you read this fine story on Cam Newton by David Fleming in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Since 1998, ESPN The Magazine has been recognizing athletes poised for greatness. The theme of this issue is NEXT, as in the next great ones and Newton is on the cover. He’s also featured on a billboard in Times Square and you can see a picture of that along with the story.

Newton’s rookie year has been an eye-opening experience, especially after many questioned if he could succeed in the NFL. He’s done more than that. He’s already thrown for more yards than any rookie quarterback in history and has run for more touchdowns in a season than any quarterback. But Newton wants much more than that.

"Some people are afraid to say what they want, but I'm not," Newton said. "I want to be the symbol of success in this league. I want to win multiple Super Bowls. To get there, you have to have a relentless will to be something far greater than what you are. You gotta have that edge."

There’s little doubt Newton has an edge. It’s shown throughout the season and what we’ve seen so far might only be the early stages of greatness. That’s why Newton is the perfect choice to represent the NEXT concept.

"I know I have the talent to change this game, and I don't see no ceiling,'' Newton said. "So I'm not knocking on the door, like tap-tap-tap. I'm gonna kick that door in, like SWAT."