Brees, Rodgers tops in Total QBR

In yet another way, it looks like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees were pretty much even this season.

According to Total QBR, Rodgers and Brees were by far the two best quarterbacks in the league in 2011. There was only the slightest difference between them.

Rodgers finished the season with an 85.2 Total QBR and Brees was second in the league at 84.0. After that, there was a big drop to third place -- Tom Brady at 74.2 and Tony Romo (70.1) were the only other quarterbacks above 70.

But the NFC South did have another top-five quarterback in this category. Atlanta’s Matt Ryan was No. 5 at 67.5.

The two other NFC South starting quarterbacks didn’t fare as well in Total QBR. Carolina rookie Cam Newton was No. 16 at 56.6, which is slightly above what is considered an average score (50).

Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman fell below that line. He was No. 23 at 43.3.