Springsteen sings about Superdome

New Orleans fans, here’s some news to help you recover from the playoff loss to San Francisco.

Your stadium is mentioned in Bruce Springsteen’s new single “We Take Care of our Own."

You can listen to it here. The mention of the Superdome comes pretty early in the song. I think this song might have been written before the naming rights were sold and the stadium became the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. But I doubt anyone’s going to hold that against “The Boss," especially since the Superdome is mentioned in a very complimentary way, sort of like an American landmark.

Special thanks to AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky for letting us know about this. Largely due to our geographic roots (Kuharsky’s a New Jersey guy and I’m from a part of Pennsylvania that’s not far from New Jersey), we both are big Springsteen fans. Springsteen already had a song all about a stadium “Wrecking Ball’’ (about the old Giants Stadium), but as best as I know this is his first mention of an NFC South Stadium, although I believe he has played in at least several of them through the years.