Joe Flacco could help Matt Ryan

Interesting item by AFC North colleague Jamison Hensley on the debate about if Joe Flacco should be paid like a top-five quarterback.

That’s the case his agent is making and he’s basing that on the fact that Flacco’s 44 wins are the most ever by a quarterback in his first four seasons.

Hmm, if I’m Matt Ryan’s agent, I’m keeping a close eye on this situation. You might recall Flacco and Ryan have been joined at the hip since they entered the league in 2008. Ryan was drafted by Atlanta and Flacco by Baltimore.

Both have been doing a lot of winning ever since. In fact, Ryan, who missed two starts due to injury in 2009, has a career 43-19 regular-season record as a starter.

You could make a case that Ryan is better than Flacco. Ryan has a comfortable lead over Flacco in career passing yards and touchdowns.

Ryan remains under contract through 2013. But his cap figure for this year is $13.5 million. The Falcons could look to extend Ryan’s contract and lower his cap figure for this year.

If Flacco’s agent gets his top-five wish in the meantime, Ryan’s agent should hand a copy of the contract to the Falcons.