Some interesting numbers on Brees

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

If there’s one thing defenses need to know about Drew Brees after two games, it’s that it doesn’t help to pressure the New Orleans quarterback.

It turns out Brees is even better when he’s blitzed and he also is pretty good against conventional pressure. Brees has the league’s best passer rating in situations where defenses send more than four pass-rushers. He ranks second to Houston’s Matt Schaub when it comes to conventional pressure situations.

Courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information, here’s what Brees has done in situations where defenses have sent at least one extra pass-rusher:

And here’s what Brees has done in conventional situations.

Here’s another item from ESPN Stats & Information that shows Brees is at his best when he’s throwing the ball 11 to 20 yards down the field. Brees’ rating in this category is tops in the league and more than 25 points ahead of Schaub, who ranks second. Here’s what Brees has done when throwing 11 to 20 yards downfield:

The same for passes thrown 21 to 30 yards downfield:

And here are Brees’ numbers on passes thrown 10 yards or less: