Who was 'the snitch'?

The New Orleans Saints’ bounty program has prompted a pretty interesting Twitter war.

On his verified account, former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp said that former New Orleans tight end Jeremy Shockey was “the snitch." On his verified Twitter account, Shockey denies that. But let me caution you that some of the language from Shockey is a little rough.

I’m not saying I think Sapp or Shockey are right or wrong. But I will say I think there’s a misconception about the whole “snitch’’ thing. The league started looking into the bounty program after the Saints beat up Brett Favre and Kurt Warner on their way to winning the Super Bowl after the 2009 season. At the time, it was obvious that something like a bounty program might be going on. Shockey was playing for the Saints at the time.

The league investigated and couldn’t get enough evidence to prove it. The NFL later told the Saints to put a stop to the bounty program.

The league kept on investigating and it’s obvious that some players eventually talked. But I don’t think the whole thing was started by a “snitch."