History on lost draft picks

The New Orleans Saints’ loss of a second-round draft pick this year and again in 2013 is harsh, but isn’t totally unprecedented.

Let’s turn to ESPN Stats & Information for a look at draft picks that have been forfeited for various reasons since 1980:

  • 2011 Lions forfeit seventh-round pick for tampering with Chiefs players

  • 2008 49ers forfeit fifth-round pick for tampering with Bears linebacker Lance Briggs

  • 2008 Patriots forfeit first-round pick for Spygate scandal

  • 2002-05 Broncos forfeit 2005 third-round pick, 2002 third-round pick for circumventing salary cap between 1996 and 1998

  • 2001-02 49ers forfeit 2002 third-round pick, 2001 fifth-round pick for salary cap violations

  • 2001 Steelers forfeit third-round pick for exceeding 1998 salary cap

  • 1986 Patriots forfeit third-round pick for illegal use of injured reserve list

  • 1981 Broncos forfeit third-round pick for contract violations involving Bill Thompson

  • 1981 Raiders forfeit fifth-round pick for illegally sequestering two players in 1978

  • 1980 Eagles forfeit third-round pick for holding illegal tryout

  • 1980 Raiders forfeit fourth-round pick for evasion of player limit