Comparing Claiborne to Peterson

Morris Claiborne is the best cornerback in this year’s draft. Patrick Peterson was the best cornerback in last year’s draft.

Besides that, they’ve got a lot in common. Both played at LSU. Peterson went No. 5 overall to the Arizona Cardinals. Claiborne isn’t expected to last past the Buccaneers at No. 5, and could go as early as No. 3. That would make LSU the fifth school to have multiple defensive backs drafted in the top five and the first to have defensive backs drafted in the top five in consecutive years.

Peterson had a great rookie season. How does Claiborne compare to him?

Well, let’s turn to ESPN Stats & Information for some numbers.

Claiborne played in 33 games and Peterson appeared in 39. Claiborne had 11 interceptions and 12 pass breakups. Peterson had seven interceptions and 22 pass breakups. Claiborne had 95 tackles and Peterson had 135.

Oh, one other thing. Ron Cooper coached both Peterson and Claiborne in college. Cooper is now defensive backs coach for Tampa Bay.