Aaron Kromer easing into new role

Although his six-game suspension officially doesn’t start until Sept. 3, New Orleans assistant head coach Joe Vitt said he immediately will start the process of handing over duties to Aaron Kromer, who will step into the temporary role of head coach.

Vitt said that’s why the Saints went ahead and made the announcement about their succession plan this week, instead of waiting until closer to the regular season.

“Now, all of a sudden, me and Kromer are together on the sideline,’’ Vitt said Thursday. “(We will go over) some game-day procedures, talking to the officials beforehand, going over the procedure for a replay review, going over some procedures postgame when you get the injuries and you have to talk to the media, things like that so he can start to set the routine of practice. That is why (general manager) Mickey (Loomis) chose to make the announcement now, so we’d have two full games together.”

The Saints obviously are unique territory with head coach Sean Payton suspended for the entire season. But Vitt gave Kromer and the rest of the staff a vote of confidence.

“Aaron is like me and Aaron is like Sean, this is all he has ever done,’’ Vitt said. “If somebody is going to come in here and ask Aaron to do open-heart surgery next door, he is going to get nervous. He doesn’t know how to hold a scalpel, or fly an airplane. He, like myself, is very comfortable with our players, we are comfortable with the process that takes place here, very comfortable with the way our install goes and how we segment our practices every week. Is there going to be added pressure not to let people down? Sure. Listen, you embrace some of those things.”