New Orleans Saints struggling with YAC

When it comes to yards after the catch (YAC), that’s an area where the New Orleans Saints have thrived throughout the Drew Brees era.

But they’re not off to a good start in that department this season. In the opener against Washington, only 25.4 percent of New Orleans’ passing yards came after the catch. That ranks No. 31 in the league. The Saints averaged only 3.6 yards after the catch per reception.

The other three NFC South teams fared much better in YAC. The Panthers averaged 4.3 yards after the catch. The Buccaneers averaged 4.8 per reception and the Falcons averaged 6.2 yards after the catch.

YAC is a statistic that can work both ways and it wasn’t at all friendly to the Saints on Sunday. Defensively, the Saints are No. 32 in the league after allowing the Redskins to gain 192 yards after the catch.

The Bucs are No. 16 with 99 yards allowed after the catch. The Panthers (76 yards) are No. 6 and the Falcons (75 yards) are No. 5.