Experts: Greg Schiano was doing his job

Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano is getting some pretty strong support from high places for the way he handled the end of Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants.

Although the Giants were lining up in the victory formation to run out the clock at the end of the game, Schiano still had his defense going hard and going after the ball. New York coach Tom Coughlin was critical of Schiano’s tactics immediately after the game.

But, as the story comes under closer scrutiny Monday, others are saying there’s nothing wrong with Schiano’s approach.

“There’s no doubt Tom Coughlin owes Greg Schiano an apology for how he reacted after the game,’’ ESPN and former NFL analyst Ron Jaworski said in this radio interview.

Jaworski went on to say, “You play to the end of the game."

Former NFL player and coach Mike Ditka also said there was nothing wrong with what Schiano did in this radio interview.

“You’ve got pads and a helmet on," Ditka said. “The game’s not over. Play."

I’m with Jaworski and Ditka on this one. If the Giants had been ahead by two scores or more, then Schiano might have been breaking some unwritten rules. But his team was down by only a touchdown. It was a long shot that the Giants would botch a snap or a handoff. But when you're only down a touchdown, you have to do everything you can with that hope in mind.

Coughlin might not have liked the way the Bucs played. But it’s not Schiano’s job to make Coughlin happy. His job is to try to win. He tried to do his job and he did it legally.

You’re welcome to agree or disagree in the comments section below. Also, please head over to SportsNation, where you can cast a vote on whether you think Schiano or Coughlin is right on this one. Last I looked, the majority of fans were backing Schiano.