Replacement ref takes shot at Greg Schiano

Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano has drawn the wrath of other coaches and players from other teams in his first NFL season.

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin and some of his players were critical of Schiano for having his defense go all -ut as quarterback Eli Manning was taking a knee at the end of the game. The tactic, which Schiano used at Rutgers and has said he has no regrets about doing in the NFL, also has drawn harsh words from elsewhere in the league.

Now, it’s not just opponents criticizing Schiano’s approach. Check out this Inside The NFL interview with two replacement officials on Showtime.

Most of it focuses on the controversial call at the end of the game between Green Bay and San Diego. But there’s one moment (right about the 5:45 mark) where replacement official Jim Core is asked who was the toughest coach he had to work with.

With very little hesitation, Core, a former college official, singled out Schiano.

“He’s college,’’ Core said. “The rest of them acted at a different level. You could just tell working with them, they were at a different level than what I felt like he was.’’