Falcons shake things up at fullback

Although the Atlanta Falcons are 8-0, they’re not superstitious enough to sit still when they see a potential weak spot.

The team just announced it has released veteran fullback Lousaka Polite and replaced him with Mike Cox, who was with the team last season.

The Falcons came through the preseason thinking rookie Bradie Ewing would take over the role once handled very well by Ovie Mughelli. But Ewing suffered a season-ending injury before the regular season started and the Falcons quickly turned to Polite.

But they weren’t getting the results they wanted. Polite wasn’t the dominant lead blocker for Michael Turner that Mughelli once was, or that they imagined Ewing turning into.

Polite dealt with an injury. But, even when he returned, the blocking wasn’t what the Falcons thought it should be. That’s why they let Polite go, and they’ll turn the role over to Cox.