Does it matter when Bucs leave for London?

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

I know there’s some skepticism and criticism in Tampa about the Buccaneers’ decision to leave for London on Friday morning while the Patriots are traveling Thursday night. Last year, the Saints left right after they played their game the previous Sunday and spent the whole week practicing on soccer fields.

Here’s the explanation coach Raheem Morris gave Wednesday:

"We have an ownership group that goes over there pretty frequently and we talked about it, sat down and discussed it with those guys,’’ Morris said. “They feel the rest and how they feel prior to those days. They've done it a couple times. We have guys that go over there -- our travel team has been over there -- and they're over there now getting used to it. It's the second day when you feel bad. The third day you kind of go into a lull and then you come back out of it after that. We chose this route based on previous knowledge and some information from people that do it a lot. That's the route we're going.’’

The skepticism and criticism is based on the lingering theory the Glazer family that owns the team is trying to cut corners. Obviously, this route saves one night of hotel bills. I’m not totally discounting that theory because there might be something to it.

But my question is this: Does it really matter when the Bucs go to London?

I mean, they could have gone over there in July, had training camp there, gotten used to the food and climate and even started to develop British accents and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.

They’re 0-6 and they’re playing the Patriots.