Falcons wait for opponent

The Atlanta Falcons could know their opponent for next week’s divisional round of the playoffs as early as Saturday night.

If No. 6 seed Minnesota defeats Green Bay, the Falcons will host the Vikings on Jan. 13. If the Packers win, the Falcons then have to wait until Sunday to find out which team to prepare for.

The other option is the winner of Sunday’s game between the Redskins and Seahawks.

We asked you which team you’d like to see the Falcons play in this poll early in the week. The Vikings won with 42 percent of the vote, while the Redskins and Seahawks each received 29 percent.

I’d tend to agree with your thinking. Minnesota has Adrian Peterson, which represents a huge challenge for any defense. But the Falcons would be able to focus on their run defense, because Minnesota quarterback Christian Ponder isn’t exactly a prolific passer. I think the Vikings would be the best matchup for the Falcons.

But I think they also could be in good shape against the Redskins or Seahawks. Atlanta beat Washington early in the season and already has had a look at rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and the read-option offense.

The Seahawks also have a rookie quarterback in Russell Wilson. He and Griffin both have had fantastic seasons.

But I’d take a team led by Matt Ryan over a team led by a rookie in a playoff game. Especially a playoff game that will be played in the Georgia Dome.