Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a team-by-team look at the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Darin (Louisville): Hey Pat I heard the bucs want to bring in another qb to compete with Freeman. Why? He did break a few franchise records. Over 4000 yrds n 27 tds....

Pat Yasinskas: He also had a couple of four-interception games during a five-game losing streak. I still think there's hope for him, but it doesn't hurt to add an alternative just in case.

Jessie (NC): Bucs Fan Here!!! Hey Pat do you see Tampa making a push at getting Revis? If so you do think they will still draft a CB in the first or maybe grab a Greg Toler like player?

PY: I think they need to add two, maybe even three, CBs.

James (Tampa): When is Tampa going to release Eric Wright?

PY: There's no big rush for them to do it. They don't have to trim cap space like most teams right now.

Jared (Tampa): I have read that the bucs might go after Talib as a free agent, this just seems crazy to me? I know we really need to rebuild the CB position from scratch but are the Bucs so desperate that they would really try to bring him back?

PY: I see absolutely no way that happens.


charles (Houston, TX): Hey Pat, and chance of the Saints signing Ed Reed?

PY: Wouldn't surprise me. He's got ties to the area and Saints have history of bringing in vets. Key will be money. They're not going to be able to pay much.

Pat McEniry (Yocumtown, PA): Do you think the Saints will look at getting a new stadium considering there's had issues in the SB?

PY: No, they just put millions into the Superdome a few years ago. I'm sure the power situation can be fixed.

Tony (NY): Pat, there's not much talk about the Saints extending J. Graham. What have you heard and wouldn't this cost BIG money hurting the Saints' chance at signing other needs as well?

PY: Not necessarily. If they structure the deal properly (and Loomis is good at what he does), the cap hit for this year could remain pretty low.


Jeremy (Norfolk): I hope the Panthers never leave North Carolina, but do you think Jerry Richardson stating that he will never move the Panthers was the right move to get what he want from the NC legislature?

PY: Yeah, I think it helps his case in showing that Panthers aren't going anywhere.

Tyler (Panthers fan) (In class): Jon Beason: Does he restructure? or will he be released?

PY: Don't know the answer to that one yet. In some ways, I suspect decision might be up to Beason. Will he take a cut in pay and be content to move outside? Or does he want to go elsewhere?

Ben (Atlanta GA): Pat do you agree with some of the fan and pundit sentiment that Hurney's decisions in the draft and with re-signing players were made in a flailing effort to save his job?

PY: I think ownership might have influenced some of his decisions.


Dustin Murch (Charlotte, NC): Do you think the Falcons will move turner and pick up a big name back in free agency?

PY: No, I say do it in the draft. They don't need a big-name RB. They're a pass-first team now. They just need to get someone decent and pair him with Rodgers.

Sharell (Raleigh, NC Falcon Fan): PY. What part of Mike Smith's coaching style do you believe is holding his team back? Not just in the playoffs but even during the season, why want the Falcons ever step on the throat of their opponents.

PY: I think Smith is a tremendous coach. But I worry that he's kind of like Dungy in his Tampa Bay days -- a little too conservative, perhaps. But maybe he'll change his ways.

Brad (Atlanta): Pat, what is your honest opinion on Gonzo returning? What percentage do you think now that TD is saying 50-50?

PY: I've been saying all along I think there's a decent chance he returns. Probably better than 50-50.

Here's the complete transcript of Friday's NFC South chat.