Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a team-by-team look at the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Ryan (St Petersburg, FL): So looks like Turner's days are numbered. Does Atlanta go and get a top FA like Reggie Bush (if he doesn't resign)? Or do they pick up someone in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft and hope he can produce? Going to be hard to find a starting RB with a pretty weak FA class and draft class

Pat Yasinskas: As I've been saying, I think they can find a RB any time from the second round on. You can get good RBs in the middle of the draft. They don't need a superstar, just someone to share time with Jacquizz Rodgers.

Eric (Atlanta): Will the Falcons save money on Matt Ryan by virtue of not going to or winning the Super Bowl? Will Flacco really get 20M? And what do you think Ryan will get?

PY: No, I don't think that will lower Ryan's price. He was 10 yards away from the Super Bowl. He's good and he's just entering his prime. I expect him to end up being one of the highest-paid QBs.

Mike (Atl): Do you think there comes a point where Smitty and Dimitrof set a deadline fore Tony? They have to know what they have headed into the draft

PY: I think the unofficial deadline is March 12, when the league year starts. They need to know by then.


Eric (Charlotte nc): Pat is their any chances that instead of cutting Chris Gamble and Dwill that the Panthers will be able to trade both of them and get some decent value in return for them.

PY: Might be able to get something in a trade for Williams. But not Gamble. He's not young, he's coming off injury and the rest of the NFL knows Panthers are going to release him. So why give up a draft pick when you might be able to sign him without giving up a draft pick?

Mike (greensboro): when should we expect to see some moves by the Panthers?

PY: Closer to March 12. Not just by the Panthers, but all teams.

Greg (Charlotte): Alright, I've read a lot from some sources that the Panthers can save money by releasing Williams and I've read in other places that the Panthers wouldn't save any cap room and would just have to spread hit out over two years. Who do I believe and how likely is it that DeAngelo is out?

PY: They'd have to designate him as a June 1 release and spread it over two years to free up cap room this year.


Ricky (Houston, Tx) [via mobile]: The Saints are obviously planning on bringing in some help for our secondary after releasing J. Patrick. Is it more lilely for us to move Jenkins out to CB and go after a safety in the draft or keep jenkins where he's at and go after a CB in the FA market or draft?

PY: Think they'll keep Jenkins at safety and pick up a CB.

Steve A (Ventura, CA): Hey Pat. Love the blog. Why is everyone writing about how bad the Saints secondary is? Despite their struggles, any solid defensive unit will struggle if you give your opposing QB all day to throw without any pressure. Seems to me if the Saints fix thier DL to create some pressure up front, they would be much improved. Thoughts?

PY: It would certainly help if they had more of a pass rush. But still think they need to get better at DB.

Yogi (Alaska): Which Saints RB leads the team in carries next season?

Pat Yasinskas: I think they'll finally start using Ingram more.


Nicolas (Parkland, FL): Would the Bucs make a trade for Darrelle Revis? They have a major need at cornerback and have the draft picks and cap room to make a trade?

PY: Wouldn't totally surprise me. They certainly have need at CB. And, like you said, they have the resources to pull of something like this.

Darin (Louisville, Ky): Gotch ya. Just curious why didnt the Bucs go after Monte Kiffen when he was available? Seemed like the D was good when he was there...

PY: Not sure Schiano wanted him. Schiano likes a different kind of defense.

Kasy (Hattiesburg, Ms): Does the great Ronde Barber hang up his cleats this offseason?

PY: Don't know, but I expect we'll hear Ronde's decision before March 12.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.