Roddy White: Super Bowl or bust

The guy who I think is the most entertaining player in the NFC South got some national air time Wednesday and he didn’t disappoint.

Atlanta wide receiver Roddy White joined "First Take" and had some pretty strong comments about the state of the Falcons.

“We know it’s now Super Bowl or bust,’’ White said. “Anything short of that is not a good season for us right now.’’

Check out the attached video for White’s entire interview with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. But I’ll share one other nugget with you here.

Bayless said he’s not completely sold on Matt Ryan and said he’s not sure the quarterback can get the Falcons to the Super Bowl. White came back with a strong defense of Ryan.

“I think Matt’s an excellent quarterback,’’ White said. “He makes a lot of plays for our team. In that situation, it takes so much more than just Matt Ryan to finish plays, especially down the stretch. You can’t just put it on the quarterback and say, 'You have to make this one play to get over the hump.' It has to be me. It has to be Julio [Jones]. It has to be Tony [Gonzalez]. We have to go out there and make those plays to make it easier on Matt Ryan.’’