Bucs have high hopes for Deveron Carr

Undrafted free agents usually are long shots to make an NFL regular-season roster. But you might want to keep an eye on Deveron Carr.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sure are treating the Arizona State cornerback differently than the average undrafted free agent. The Bucs have given Carr a $15,000 signing bonus and guaranteed $5,000 of his base salary.

Many undrafted free agents don’t even get signing bonuses and those who do often top out at $5,000. Carr’s signing bonus is the highest I’ve seen so far for any undrafted free agent across the league.

Why did the Bucs sweeten the pot for Carr? Obviously, they must think he has some talent. But Carr probably was getting a decent offer somewhere else and the Bucs stepped up to make sure they got him.

In addition to Carr, the Bucs announced they have signed 13 other undrafted free agents. They are UCLA receiver Jerry Johnson, South Florida tight end Evan Landi, Northern Illinois cornerback Rashaan Melvin, Texas receiver D.J. Monroe, Buffalo linebacker Willie Moseley, Arizona State tackle Brice Schwab, Purdue running back Akeem Shavers, Western Kentucky guard Adam Smith, Georgia cornerback Branden Smith, Massachusetts offensive tackle Nick Speller, Southern Mississippi offensive tackle Jason Weaver and Rutgers receiver Tim Wright.