Film of the NFC South chat

From Matt Ryan’s probable contract extension to the usual questions about Carolina’s secondary and New Orleans’ pass rush to an inquiry about Tim Tebow and the Buccaneers, we covered lots of ground in Friday’s NFC South chat. Let’s take a look at some of the team-by-team highlights:


Matt Riddle (Atlanta, GA): Hey Pat, A lot of people are expecting Ryan's extension to be finished soon. You seem to think he should get Flacco and Rodgers money, but others point to his 1 playoff win and not winning a SB. Would you expect Ryan's agent to aim for $21+ Million per year?

Pat Yasinskas: Yep, his agent wouldn't be doing his job if he aimed for less.

Anthony (New Jersey): To sign their rookies will the falcons have to cut anyone with such little cap space?

PY: Not necessarily, if they want until after June 1, they'll get a cap bump for Clabo.

Devin (Atlanta): Bradie Ewing makes his "return" this year....which is basically his introduction to the Falcons. What does a healthy Ewing bring to the Falcons offense that we didn't see last year?

PY: In theory, he should give them solid all-around play at fullback. They think he can be a very good one.


Mark (NC): Without any real talent in the secondary aren't the Panthers settng themselves up to have to air it out also to keep up on points?

PY: Yep, they're not looking too strong in secondary right now. I'd like to think Gettleman has something up his sleeve. But not sure where help is going to come from at this point.

Domo (NC): The Panthers finished with the best secondary (statistically speaking) of the NFC South last season and were ranked in the top half of the league as far as passing yards given up. While the Panthers may not have any big names, they still have have the same corners that helped end the season on a positive note. Why do you think the Panthers should bring in more competition than they already have brought in?

PY: To be totally honest, I think their CBs are all No. 2 or No. 3 guys.

Trae (Charlotte, NC): A lot of people seems to speculate that DeAngelo Williams is going to traded or released. Can you explain their logic in that? He is still a great player.

PY: He's taking up a lot of cap space, not only this year but in the future. And they've got cap issues now and in the future. It's not about his ability. It's about the cap.


SJ (Alexandria): How is Akiem Hicks progressing?

PY: They haven't even hit the field yet. But Loomis has talked about how they have high hopes for him.

T Scott (Grand Saline TX): Hey Pat, I saw that some ranked the Saints Undrafted Free agent class as 3rd best. Personally I am pumped about their draft picks this season, especially about the pickup of Chase Thomas. Given their current roster, what do you think about Chase breaking into the starting lineup this year or at least in the rotation?

PY: Think he'll have a chance to compete with Butler, Wilson and Galette. Have heard a lot of good things about Thomas.

StShockey (Mississippi): I don't think the pick of Vacarro automatically dooms Jenkins or Harper, but it's obvious that Loomis and Co. believe he is the future. Your thoughts on moving Jenkins to SS, finally, Vacarro to FS, and Haprer as a Joker/Blitzer?

PY: Could be something like that or maybe Jenkins sliding inside for nickel situations?


Nicolas (Parkland, FL): Do the Buccaneers have one of the leagues best secondary's with the addition of Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson, and Jonathan Banks?

PY: Potentially, yes. And don't forget Mark Barron. I think he could be ready for a big year.

Tuck Bucs Fan (Philly): Im worried about the leadership Tampa would lose in the locker room if Ronde doesnt come back. Assuming he does, who do you see being able to step up and fill that void best?

PY: Think Goldson and Revis can bring some leadership.

Tony (Daytona): Pat why all the hate for Tebow what can it hurt to bring in tebow and give him a chance. I mean god forbid he unseats mike glennon for backup i mean what would the bucs possibly do if that "great" pick didn’t mean anything.

PY: Look, Tebow's a great guy and I respect him. But let's be real honest, he can't throw a football. That's kind of important for an NFL QB.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.