NFC South Top 25 about to kick off

Later today, I’m going to start rolling out my NFC South Top 25 for the 2013 season.

Hopefully, this will help keep you occupied while I take some time off before training camps get going. Our editors also will be posting links and videos and anything that’s relative to the NFC South.

But each weekday while I’m off, we’ll count down the top 25 players in the division and we’ll finish the countdown after I return July 8.

A few words on the NFC South Top 25. I based it on what I expect players to do this year. There are no lifetime achievement awards. If there were, Carolina tackle Jordan Gross would have a spot in the top 25 (he doesn’t). If there were, Atlanta tight end Tony Gonzalez surely would be in the top five (he’s not in the top five, but he did make the list).

I also decided to follow the same policy I used last year and I’m not including any rookies, kickers or punters.

Enjoy the list and I’ll see you in a few weeks.