Film of the NFC South chat

Time for a look at some team-by-team highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Bobby G (Agawam, Mass): I expected after Clabo's official June 1st exit that Atlanta would have made one last move, has Ryan's contract moved to a higher priority from three weesk ago ?

Pat Yasinskas: Still think you could see something with Richard Seymour.

big blue (smynra, ga) [via mobile]: While not being politically correct who would you take first roddy or Julio?

PY: Probably Julio, especially if your parameters are for a few years down the road. But Roddy is still a very good receiver.

Patrick (Charlotte): Even though Jackson is younger than Turner shouldn't there be some concern that in terms of carries Jackson has a lot less tread on the tires (Jackson 2395 to Turners 1639).

PY: Just look back to last season. Turner obviously ran out of gas. Jackson looked like he still had something left.


Ayodele Alakija (Manchester, England): Pat, so much talk of Armanti Edwards doing well at OTA's has me interested about our WR's. Do you see the Panthers taking 5 or 6 WR's into the season? Who do you honestly think gets cut??

PY: Can easily see them keeping six. They're going to have some tough choices. Ginn and Edwards looked good in minicamp. But they also have Adams, Gettis and Pilares besides the two starters.

Marcus (Asheville, NC): What is your assessment of Armanti Edwards' mini camp performance? It seems like each year we hear rumblings of how good of a camp he is having.

PY: Not to over-hype it, but I was there and it was very noticeable that he was having a very good minicamp.

Brad (Fayetteville): Recently there has been additional talk about Steve Smith going into the Hall of Fame. Reality or does he still have a lot to prove?

PY: Probably needs to put up big numbers for a few more years. With Marvin Harrison coming eligible for HOF next year, that's going to raise the bar for WR numbers.


Sean (Vegas): Can we just get this out of the way and agree Graham is certainly a top 100 player and due to Gronk's current injury, the clear cut best TE in the NFL?

PY: I think he's easily a top 100 player. He'll be ranked highly in my NFC South top 25, which will kick off Monday.

Saints Fan Up North (new jersey): Will the Saints try to get someone in F.A. to take Butlers place or go with what they have?

PY: I think they'll give Martez Wilson a long look in the preseason. If he's ready, they'll go with him. If not, you could see them pick somebody up.

RockKnuteney (Slidell, LA): Do you know if Benjamin Watson has one of these no practice clauses, like Tony Gonzalez? Did not see him all of the OTAs or minicamp? Would like him to be part of a two-headed monster at TE for the Saints.

PY: He was there, but not participating in workouts. Was working with trainers on the side. Think he's recovering from some sort of injury, but can't remember right now what it was. Didn't seem like they were too worried about it though.


Clayton (Atlanta): How much of an impact do you think Revis will have in the early season?

PY: I think he'll be ready for start of season and will be highly motivated for opener against the Jets.

Josh (the burg): Do you really think that Luke Stocker will step up this season for the Bucs?

PY: I think he'll be a role player. Crabtree might catch more passes.

Scott (Northglenn, CO): TB possibly kick the tires on Willis McGahee?

PY: Have not heard anything definitive on that. But I started to wonder about that the moment he was released.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.