Film of the NFC South chat

Time for a look at the team-by-team highlights of Friday’s NFC South chat:


Matt (Nashville, TN): Do you see Matt Ryan breaking 5,000 yards this year?

Pat Yasinskas: Probably a little under 5,000, since they'll have a running game this year.

James (ATL): Pat, every year I expect Harry Douglas to step up, but never really does. He also struggles to catch deep balls. Do the Falcons have a true slot receiver besides Douglas?

PY: Yeah, I'm the same way with Douglas. Not sure Cone or Davis is ready to beat him out though.


Ben (Atlanta GA): Pat every year we hear the praises coming out of CAR training camp about how Armanti Edwards has turned the corner, and he now "gets it" - after 3 yrs of this teasing, I have my doubts, but do you think he can make something of himself this year? I am not hanging my hat on the one catch he had for 80+ yds like other fans are doing.

PY: Will tell you this, when I was in Charlotte for minicamp, Edwards looked dramatically better than he has in the past. Maybe it's for real this time.

Chase (Louisville, KY) [via mobile]: The Panthers seem to have a pretty good front seven this year with the addition of the two rookie defensive lineman. The only problem is that the secondary is really lacking in quality talent. My question is how well can a good front seven mask the clear deficiencies of the secondary?

PY: The pass rush certainly can help. But, when you play in a division with Julio Jones, Roddy White, Marques Colston and Vincent Jackson, you should have some guys that can cover.


Lloyd (Baton Rouge, LA): Pat, did you see what your colleague at ESPN Matt Williamson tweeted about the Saints D line last week: "Excited about #Saints 3 Man DL w combo of Jordan (DE), Hicks (DE), Jenkins (NT or DE) & Bunkley (NT)...young

PY: Think you will see a lot of Jenkins and Hicks.

Fourthandgoaldude (Ocean Springs, MS): In N.O....Does the Will Smith experiment work? Will Vilma be a major contributor? Which safety gets bumped eventually for Vaccaro?

PY: No, no and Harper.


Robert (Hamilton): If the buc's pass rush is good, could they have the best defense in the division?

PY: Very possibly, but Clayborn and Bowers will have to really produce.

Darin (Louisville, Ky): Hey Pat how big of a blow is the Connor Barth injury to the Bucs?

PY: Tynes is a solid veteran. But Barth has a stronger leg. Could hurt them if they have a big game or two that ends up coming down to a long field goal.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.