Where they rank on offense and defense

The weekly NFL rankings of offenses and defenses are out and the Saints remain the league’s top-rated offense.

They rank fifth in rushing and sixth in passing and that combination is enough to make them No. 1 overall. On defense, the Saints are No. 17 (20th against the run and 15th against the pass).

Atlanta is No. 14 in offense (12th in rushing and 16th in passing). The Falcons rank No. 27 in overall defense (24th against the run and 29th against the pass). Carolina is No. 15 in total offense (third in rushing and 24th in passing).

Tampa Bay is No. 29 in offense (23rd rushing and 28th passing). The Buccaneers are No. 26 in overall defense (No. 32 against the run and No. 14 against the pass).