Saints' Sean Payton shoots down Michigan speculation

METAIRIE, La. -- For the second time this week, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton shot down speculation about his coaching future. This time he denied that he would have any interest in the vacant University of Michigan job.

There haven't been any actual reports of Payton being a candidate in Michigan, and there are no significant ties between the coach and school. But his name has popped up in some speculation, including articles by GoBlueWolverine.

"Listen, I've got two kids right in Dallas, alright. … I've got no interest in any other job but this one," Payton said. "And I know you guys will preface all that by, ‘Well, he's gotta say that.' It seems like every three years I answer that question, and every three years, sure enough, he's the head coach here. …

"This is the job I'm most interested in, only interested in."

Sure enough, Payton made almost the exact same comments when his name surfaced as a possible candidate for the Michigan job in 2007. There was also speculation he might be interested in leaving the Saints when his contract was voided during the 2012 season. And indeed, he never left.

Earlier this week, Payton also shot down speculation from Sports Illustrated's Peter King that Payton might start to feel "a little wanderlust" after this 5-8 season and consider walking away from the job early instead of too late -- a la Payton's mentor, Bill Parcells.

"Absolutely no way," Payton said at the time. "It's silly. Won't happen."