New Orleans Saints ownership at a glance

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Majority owner: Tom Benson, 87

Minority owners: Benson announced plans in January to name his wife, Gayle, his successor, and she is listed as a second owner on the team's website. But former owner/heirs are fighting his decision in court -- daughter Renee Benson and grandchildren Rita LeBlanc and Ryan LeBlanc.

Source of wealth: Primarily automobile dealerships and banking. Began his career by working his way up from a bookkeeper at a New Orleans Chevrolet dealership in the 1940s to eventually running, then owning his own Chevrolet dealership in San Antonio, then spawning that into ownership of more than 30 dealerships in the San Antonio and New Orleans areas over the years (according to multiple newspaper reports, including New Orleans Times-Picayune). ... Also reportedly bought interest in five San Antonio banks from the 1970s to 1990s, forming Benson Financial Group, which was later sold. Got back into banking business in San Antonio in 2003, and now owns Lone Star Capital Bank there. Currently owns New Orleans Saints, NBA's New Orleans Pelicans, local TV station WVUE FOX 8, Mercedes Benz and Chevrolet dealerships in the New Orleans area and other automobile dealerships in San Antonio, Benson Tower downtown office building in New Orleans among many other real estate holdings.

Net worth: $1.9 billion (Forbes)

Residence: New Orleans

Marital status: Married to Gayle (third wife) since 2004.

Family: Wife, Gayle, daughter Renee Benson (two deceased children -- son Robert and daughter Tootsie), three grandchildren Rita LeBlanc, Ryan LeBlanc, Dawn Jones, and five stepchildren from second marriage (source: Times-Picayune)

Education: Attended Loyola University in New Orleans, received honorary degree in 1987.

When purchased team and for how much: 1985, for $70.204 million (Saints media guide)

Franchise valuation: $1.11 billion (Forbes)

2014 revenue/rank: $278 million/tied for 17th (Forbes)

Owns stadium: No

Ownership philosophy: Mostly hands off, allowing general manager/executive vice president Mickey Loomis and coach Sean Payton to make football decisions. During their tenure since 2006, the Saints have spent aggressively, ranking among the top NFL teams in spending.

Defining moment in ownership tenure: Winning Super Bowl XLIV (2009 season), the first in franchise history, and returning the team to New Orleans in 2006 following Hurricane Katrina and uncertainty about the franchise's future, when Benson reportedly had considered the possibility of relocating to San Antonio.

Regular/postseason wins-losses during tenure: 246-233/7-9

General managers during tenure: Bum Phillips (less than one full season in 1985 before he hired his own people), Jim Finks (1986-93), no official GM from 1994-96 (with committee of Bill Kuharich, Jim Mora, Jim Miller handling duties); Bill Kuharich (1997-99), Randy Mueller (2000-May 2002), Mickey Loomis (May 2002-present)

Coaches during tenure: Bum Phillips (for less than one full season in 1985 before he hired his own people), Jim Mora (1986-October 1996), Mike Ditka (1997-1999), Jim Haslett (2000-2005), Sean Payton (2006-present)

Playoff appearances: 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 2000, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013

Super Bowl appearances/championships: Defeated Colts 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV (2009 season).

NFL committees: None