Panthers made last-ditch run at Peppers

We’ve heard multiple times that the Carolina Panthers made at least two strong attempts to lock up Julius Peppers for the long term. But now we know there were at least three attempts, with the final one coming sometime in the past few weeks.

According to several sources, the Panthers made a last-ditch offer to their defensive end sometime shortly before they announced they would let him walk into unrestricted free agency. The offer was for somewhere close to $14 million a year, the sources said.

But Peppers declined and the Panthers promptly turned around and said they would not franchise him and would let him become a free agent. In the NFL, most things are usually all about money. In this case, I think we have the exception.

The Panthers offered Peppers a boatload of money (several times) and he turned it down. For whatever reasons, it seems his real intention simply was to get out of Carolina.