Call It: Bring Jake Delhomme home?

There already were a few Carolina fans making noise about the Panthers bringing back quarterback Jake Delhomme. Now, players are doing it.

On his verified Twitter account, center Ryan Kalil strongly suggested the Panthers should bring back Delhomme to serve as a mentor to Cam Newton and Jimmy Clausen.

First, let’s make one thing clear. At the moment, Delhomme is property of the Cleveland Browns. But there have been numerous reports that Delhomme could be released as soon as the lockout is over.

Carolina coach Ron Rivera has implied the Panthers will look to add a veteran, so there’s some logic to this. Delhomme was a fan favorite through much of his time in Carolina and also was very well-liked by his teammates and everyone in the building. The coaching staff has changed, but Delhomme still has friends in high places.

He’s also a smart and crafty veteran and could pick up Carolina’s new offense in a hurry. There is only one potential problem I see with this scenario. That’s Delhomme’s competitive nature.

When the Panthers signed David Carr a few years back, Delhomme wasn’t thrilled with the addition of a possible competitor. Delhomme survived a Carr challenge that never really materialized but suddenly started throwing way too many interceptions in his final two seasons in Carolina.

Delhomme is a bright guy, and he should be able to realize he’s at a point in his career where he can be content as a backup and mentor. If he can embrace that type of role, it might make sense to bring back the most successful quarterback in franchise history.

Let's hear your thoughts on if the Panthers should pursue Delhomme if he's available. Cast your vote.