Sunday Conversation: Bruce Arians

Recommended video: ESPN's Merril Hoge sat down recently with new Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians for a discussion covering Carson Palmer, Tyrann Mathieu, calling plays and taking over for Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano on an interim basis last season.

Jim Irsay, the Colts' owner, asked Arians to take over once doctors diagnosed Pagano with cancer. Arians agreed, with one stipulation: that the Colts leave on the light in Pagano's office until the coach returned.

"Christmas Eve, we had our normal game-plan meetings and I was walking out of the building and all of a sudden I looked and the light was off," Arians recalled. "I had to get in the car and dry up some tears before I could drive home. It was an extremely emotional night -- the best Christmas I've ever had."