Did Titans hold on winning play?

Ken from Los Angeles writes: I still blame the Cardinals' defense for the loss to Tennessee, but the hold on Clark Haggans seems to be quite blatant. Had there been no hold, Haggans could've disrupted the play.

Mike Sando: Thanks for passing along this link showing Titans tackle David Stewart blocking Haggans on the game-winning play for Tennessee. Some crews call holding more frequently than other referees. Terry McAulay's crew worked this game. His crew had called fewer holding penalties against offensive linemen than all but four of the 16 other crews, according to ESPN Stats & Information. That might be coincidental, or it might reflect a looser standard for holding.

I think you're right in holding the Cardinals' defense accountable for allowing the Titans to march 99 yards for the winning touchdown. I can also see your point on the holding non-call. There tend to be a few plays like that during the course of the game. In this case, Arizona had its chances earlier, as you noted. Vince Young made a memorable play. It was a great moment -- unless you were rooting for the Cardinals.