Around the NFC West: Set up in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS -- Good morning, NFC West. I'll be reporting from St. Louis Rams headquarters over the next few days, beginning with the view from organized team activities Tuesday. There is much to learn about the NFL's youngest team, particularly regarding the offense.

Around the NFC West: June 11, 2013

The rest of the NFC West is holding mandatory minicamps this week. Rams coach Jeff Fisher made good on his vow to drop the mandatory minicamp if his team bought into the offseason program wholeheartedly. Attendance has been right around 100 percent most of the time.

The Rams' OTAs scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday are open to reporters. I'll attend both sessions. I'm also looking forward to conversing with coaches and players regarding where the team is headed. The Rams have a closed session scheduled for Friday.

NFL offseason programs are winding down. Teams are deep into the third and final phase of the program, which allows offensive and defensive units to work against one another without live contact. Return teams and coverage units can also work against one another, minus live contact. Players can wear helmets, but no pads of any kind.

Teams are allowed to hold a three-day rookie camp, 10 days of OTAs and a three-day mandatory minicamp. Every NFC West team but the Rams used its full allotment.

"I guess I’m kind of old-fashioned," Fisher said last month in explaining why he's not holding a mandatory camp. "That’s a long day and it’s a three-hour practice and all that stuff. In the offseason, I don’t think those things are necessary and particularly it relates directly to the commitment that they’ve made to the offseason program. They’re here every day. They’re coming early and staying late. They’re having fun and they’re determined."