Podcast: Russell Wilson on playing smart

Passing along: audio from Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's appearance on "Mike & Mike" Tuesday.

2012 Russell Wilson Regular-Season Stats

Here's what Wilson had to say about avoiding injuries after ranking fourth among quarterbacks in rushing attempts last season:

"To be honest with you, I don't really like running. I'd rather throw the ball to guys and let the true playmakers make the plays. When I have to run to get a first down, I'll do that. If something extra happens, that is always good, too. But the key is protecting yourself -- getting down, being smart in certain situations, getting out of bounds, not taking any extra hits. I avoided a bunch of hits last year in terms of running once I got downfield. That is the decision making you have to have when you are running the football."

Wilson is a pass-first quarterback and more of a scrambler than pure runner. To this point, he has moved primarily to improve his chances for finding an open receiver. Wilson ranked fourth in quarterback rushes per game with 5.9 as a rookie and got more opportunities late in the season, when Seattle incorporated read-option plays into its offense. I don't recall him taking an especially hard hit beyond one Arizona delivered in Week 14.

Wilson led the NFL last season in time spent in the pocket per pass play (3.12 seconds on average), according to ESPN Stats & Information. He also led the league in average time before passing (4.18 seconds).