Fantasy Roundtable: WR debate

Ken Daube, Eric Karabell, Christopher Harris and Matthew Berry know a thing or three about fantasy football.

Fantasy Points Per Game

The ESPN fantasy analysts put the Denver Broncos' Demaryius Thomas and the Seattle Seahawks' Percy Harvin under examination for those who might have a choice between the two wide receivers in an upcoming draft.

It's tough comparing Harvin to just about any other wide receiver because he contributes in other ways, including on rushing attempts and in the return game. But fantasy points are fantasy points for the purposes of this discussion.

Harvin and Thomas have enjoyed similar per-game production over the past two seasons. Harvin should benefit from playing with Russell Wilson. Thomas could benefit from playing with new teammate Wes Welker, but he could also lose touches.

ESPN's fantasy outlook for Harvin is decidedly bullish:

"Harvin only played nine games in '12 because of a sprained ankle, then the Vikings dealt him amid a contract dispute to the Seahawks. We already loved Harvin: He had zero drops on 62 catches last season, he gets goal-to-go rushing attempts, and he's one of the NFL's toughest players to tackle in space. In Seattle, he gets a sizable QB upgrade to Russell Wilson and a creative West Coast offensive scheme that will line him up in myriad formations. Might the Seahawks maintain the league's run-heaviest offensive play-calling? Sure. But we don't care. Harvin is a playmaker's playmaker, and he'll get double-digit touches from scrimmage every week. So what if they're not always 'traditional' WR touches? Harvin will be huge in Seattle."