Exposing Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis

ESPN The Mag Body Issue 2013: Colin Kaepernick (4:47)

Colin Kaepernick explains why he wants to be different, why he's uncomfortable with his celebrity status and why he thinks about the Super Bowl loss to Baltimore everyday. (4:47)

Posing nude for millions to see qualifies as a nightmare scenario for most of us.

Then again, most of us aren't athletic enough to outrun NFL cornerbacks over 70 yards, as San Francisco 49ers quarterback and ESPN The Magazine "Body Issue" star Colin Kaepernick did last summer.

"Just breaking the standard, breaking the mold," Kaepernick said in the video above, explaining the appeal of appearing in the "Body Issue" this offseason. "Whether it's having tattoos, whether it's playing a different style of offense, I want people to look at me and say, 'He's successful and he's doing it a different way.' "

49ers tight end Vernon Davis joins Kaepernick in the "Body Issue" this year.

"Naked? Are you serious?" Davis kids in the video below, which includes his thoughts on posing.

Kaepernick and Davis both have world-class physiques. They're also comfortable enough with themselves to bare all (or almost all) for the world to see. And they're talented enough to deal with any ribbing that might come their way. Both defy categorization as stereotypical football players -- Kaepernick for the reasons he discussed, Davis for his strong interest in the arts and the speed he brings to his position.

ESPN The Mag Body Issue 2013: Vernon Davis

Behind the scenes of Vernon Davis' ESPN The Magazine Body Issue photo shoot.