A word about franchise value rankings

Forbes Magazine's estimated sports franchise value rankings are out and here are some notes of interest:

2012 NFL Franchise Values by Division

  • 2012 figures: The values for NFL teams are from last summer. They are estimates based on incomplete information. The true value of anything is whatever someone would be willing to pay, and that's tough to estimate.

  • Potential confusion: Those 2012 estimated NFL team values are rolled into 2013 all-sport rankings and dressed with information that wasn't available when the NFL valuations were created last summer. For example, the 49ers' section refers to the stadium naming-rights deal announced this offseason.

  • Where West ranks: The 49ers' value for 2012 ($1.175 billion) ranked 17th on the Forbes list of 50 most valuable sports franchises in 2013. The Seattle Seahawks' 2012 value ($1.04 billion) ranked 27th. The Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars were the only NFL teams to rank outside the top 50. The Rams were 51st and the Jaguars 52nd, according to Forbes.

  • Stadiums matter: The 49ers' estimated value has been rising since the team secured a new stadium. The St. Louis Rams' estimated value has been languishing while the team tries to secure an upgraded stadium situation.

The chart below features the NFL estimates Forbes released in 2012 and where those estimates ranked within the league.

2012 NFC West Franchise Values