On NaVorro Bowman's advice for his QB

San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman was an entertaining guest Tuesday on NFL Network.

Bowman, appearing with the Baltimore Ravens' Torrey Smith, was candid when asked for his thoughts on teammate Colin Kaepernick wearing a Miami Dolphins hat while in Florida.

"This is a huge mistake by 'Kap'," Bowman said on the air. "I'm sure he understands that now. But in his defense, we're young. In our era these days, we like to match our snapbacks with our outfit. The hats now these days are very important to the outfit. Kap, I understand what you did, but let's stay away from the NFL teams. Wear the NBA or the college or the baseball hats."

Co-host Willie McGinest and Bowman were laughing incredulously while discussing the subject.

"I understand the fashion and swag," McGinest said in setting up Bowman, "but did you go up to him in the locker room and holler at him and grab him up and be like, 'You play for the San Francisco 49ers. You can't disrespect us or this franchise.' "

We've covered this ground already and I'm sure we'll hear more from other players when training camp opens. Bowman's status as an All-Pro and Pro Bowl linebacker with a long-term contract adds to his stature when discussing such matters. This isn't going to be a big deal longer term, in my view, except as it fits into any patterns.